Custom Hexagon Black Metal Tin Container with Flip Cover Lid

Hexagonal shaped six sided, “tin” (steel) containers with slip on covers. Tins have no sharp edges, all edges are rounded and are formed from .24mm metal. Price includes container and cover, which are shipped assembled. Dimensions are outside measurements point to point. Our tin cans are made of 100% steel and do not have an internal plastic lining, therefore caustic substances may cause the steel to rust. For rust resistant tin cans look. This hexagonal metal tin box is made of food-grade tin-plated iron. The size is: 70*70*70mm. The micro-label and size can be customized. It is a three-piece type, independent lid and gong bottom structure, and uses CMYK printing technology. , The independent cover structure is convenient to open and close.


【Size Reference】: Including 6pcs tin canister, measures3″/7.6cm in bottom diameter, 2.17″/5.5cm in height, lid height is 0.39″/1cm.
【Material】: Made of metal with tin-plated, safer and durable than normal metal tins, easy to clean, frosted black in outside.
【Advantages】: Tin plated cans will not get deformed easily, corrosion resistant, anti oxidation, fragrance retention, can be used for a long time.
【Good Sealing】: The lid is easy to open and close, can keep items from being moist, keep its original fragrance ingredient.
【Wide Usage】: Great to store tea, coffee beans, sugar, spices, and other kitchen supplies, also can be used to store beads and craft accessory, daily neccessories.



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