Custom Printed Square Lightweight Metal Tin Box Packaging

Introducing custom square tin boxes – the perfect way to add a touch of convenience and style to your packaging. These stylish boxes come in a variety of sizes, with hinges for easy opening and closing. They’re perfect for gifts, candles, cosmetics, tea, spices, and more. And they’re totally customizable, so you can add your own unique prints and designs. Order your custom square tin boxes today!



Looking for a creative and convenient way to gift your favorite treats? Look no further than our custom square tin boxes! Perfect for everything, these hinged tin boxes can be customized with your choice of prints and sizing. Plus, the addition of hinges makes for an easy open and close experience – perfect for busy gifters on the go!
1. Durable high-quality tin material.
2. Hinged closure
3. Fully recyclable and food safe
4. Clear window on the top



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