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aluminum jars and tins factory

Our History

Guiping Yingmei Packaging Products Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in various packaging containers, packaging boxes, aluminum cans, aluminum lids, iron boxes, plastic bottles, cosmetic packaging boxes, jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes, watch boxes, napkin boxes, etc. Our company can accept drawings and samples for customization. There are thousands of sets of existing specification molds for aluminum boxes and aluminum cans for customers to choose from. Customers can choose and customize their favorite surface processes on our existing molds, such as silk screen printing, offset printing, color printing, embossing and embossing logo, hot stamping, labeling, etc.

Full Customization

Customers can also customize new specification molds according to their own product needs as long as they pay a reasonable mold fee. We have a professional procurement team that can also provide customers with one-stop service: we can help customers purchase various accessories including plastic spoons, inner lids, pressure-sensitive gaskets, plastic film, customized outer packaging cartons, customized label paper, hand Bags, etc. Provide a one-stop solution to your packaging needs. Most of the company’s products have a large number of finished or semi-finished products in stock. So the MOQ is small and the delivery time is fast. The company also has a dedicated design team. Provide customers with various packaging design solutions free of charge.

aluminum jars and tins factory
aluminum jars and tins factory

Our Mission

Yingmei Packaging insists on exchanging trust with sincerity and establishing business with trust. To fulfill every promise with integrity, and to act in good faith in exchange for the recognition and trust of customers, the public and the society. Dare to be responsible for things, take the initiative to be responsible, perform obligations automatically, and use every sense of responsibility and dedication to form a sustainable driving force for enterprise development.