25ml Small Clear PET Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Aluminium Lid

Our 25ml Clear PET Plastic Jar comes with a 47mm Brushed Aluminium Lid to complete the look of your product. The lid has an EPE liner, which is a a foam layer that sits in the top of the lid and pushes against the jar neck in order to form a seal and prevent your product from leaking. The EPE liner offers great resistance to many products, including solvents and household chemicals. Our aluminium cap offers a tough and stylish finish to the product!



Refillable Clear 25ml Plastic Cosmetic Jars with Choice of Aluminum, White or Black Airtight Lids – Sold Empty – perfect for Travel Size Creams, DIY Skincare, Gift Sets, Samples etc
These cute, lightweight little jars are perfect for travel sized beauty products, being shallow and easy to pack.
They are also ideal for cosmetics (eye shadow, eye cream, lip balm, concealer etc) as well as storing arts and craft materials (glitter, powders, beads, sequins, gels etc), nail art materials, herbs and spices.
Capacity; 25ml
Material; PET Plastic
Colour: Clear
Bottom shape; Round
Width; 50mm
Height; 28mm
Weight; 26g
Neck; 47mm


Our 25ml Small Plastic Jar With Aluminium Lid has a tiny capacity of 25ml, which makes it the ideal size for sending out samples of your product in the post. This clear plastic jar comes complete with an aluminium screw cap for your convenience. The jar is made from clear PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, which is a lightweight, shatter-proof material. The clear plastic offers the perfect window to the product within, showing it off with great clarity.
The mini plastic jar is suitable for storing a wide range of products, from cosmetics such as eye shadows, blusher and lip balms, to arts and crafts products such as glitter! It can even be used as a sample pot for cosmetics including creams, lotions and gels. This cylindrical plastic jar is available in both single and bulk quantities. Thanks to our flexible ordering system, you can be sure that you are always getting the best value for money no matter how many jars you order!



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