120g Round matte black aluminum tin metal jar

✔High Quality: 4.2 Oz Round Tin Cans are made of durable aluminum with secure threaded screw top lid to protect your products and prevent Leaks.These tins are made to be strong and durable have no sharp edges and are reusable making them eco friendly,safe to store items.
✔Smooth Edges: 120ML tin cans, have no sharp edges, these screw cans are safe to open and close.Easy and convenient to carry, enough to store different small items for quick and convenient accessgood for travel and business trip.
✔Multipurpose: Ideal for your handmade lip and body balms, hand creams and salves, essential oils, ointments, medicinal herbs and waxes, spices and seasonings, tea candles, powders, loose leaf teas, glitter, potpourri,earrings and other small jewelr.
✔Perfect for DIY lip balms, pills, party favors, candies, mints, vitamins, or to include in gifts. Empty Tins Have Multiple DIY Uses. Easy to Carry and Use.
✔Great for your special party favors.Use them at your wedding, anniversary, baby shower as the perfect small gift container for your candies, mints, or homemade chocolates.Also can be a decoration for your room and desktop.Suitable for Professional or Personal Use.


Material: made of high-grade aluminium, anti-rust, durable and reusable.
Corrosion-resistant. lightweight and convenient to carry and use, good for travel and business trip.
Storage for cosmetics samples, Shoes oil, ointment, pills, salves, glitter, candles, medicines, lip balm, essential oil, powder, cream, and tea, etc.
Capacity:120ml; Diameter: 75mm; Deep: 35mm



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