Wholesale cosmetic silver flat Empty Metal Cans aluminum jar 40g

This screw lid aluminum jar is made from food grade materials, and the dimension is 56*22 mm. Made of high-quality food-grade aluminum. Bulk pack meets your multipurpose uses. Tightly sealed screw twist cover structure with a foam pad under the inner lid that can effectively prevent leakage. Made of aluminium, lightweight but durable, easy to carry. These tin cans have no sharp edges, all edges are rounded and are seamlessly formed. The material can be recycled or re-used making. Great containers for lip balms, lip gloss, creams, cosmetics, salve, pills, beads, screws, candies, buttons, coins, herbs, tea, candles and much more. They are also suitable for slime storage, making candles and DIY craft.


Metal Container with Screw Lid: Each empty tin is match with a screw lid,can effectively prevent leakage, manufacture of high quality aluminum,durable,lightweight.
1. 1.4 Ounces: Each tin can container Outside size: 2.2 inch x 0.8 inch x 0.01 inch, meets your multipurpose uses.

2. Widely Used for Handmade Product: Can be used for lip balms, lip gloss, creams, cosmetics, candles, soap, salve, candies, coins, sample, herbs and spice etc.

3.Material: Aluminum

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