Custom Printed Soft Plastic Squeeze Cosmetic Cream Tubes

This cosmetic soft plastic tube with customized orifice normally can be applied on hand cream, shaving cream, exfoliating, nourishing lotion, and some skincare product. Materials of cosmetic tube can be LDPE, HDPE, and EVOH. The capacity can be customized through changing the tube length, so at a same capacity, we can have different dimension. Take 30ml skincare tube as example, we can choose 25 or 30 Dimension. One is 85mm long, another is 65mm long. We can make 5 layers tube which contains a EVOH in the middle of the tube layer. The touch can make as same as mono layer tube. Customers can customize all details according to their own requests.


1. Soft PE cosmetic tube material, safe and environmentally friendly, BPA free.
2. Package Includes-Empty 250ml plastic cosmetic squeeze tube with flip top cap , made of high grade plastic, durable, lightweight, portable travel bottle can be packed in a toiletry bag, save space, convenient to carry out, enjoy your journey.
3. Leak Proof-these wholesale cosmetic tube with leakproof tops design, suitable for travel and DIY simples, work perfectly for various liquids. They are reusable and leak-free, can be used for long time.
4. Multi-function Travel cosmetic Tube- These plastic containers are easy to fill and clean, flexible enough to press the contents out. Great for eye cream.
5. Support OEM/ODM Customization- we are cosmetic tube suppliers , If you need it that you can contact us, we have enough strength to help you make the products you want.And We can meet your customized requirements
6. Our skilled Experience can offer one stop service from design, mold developing, producing, Logo printing and final inspection to take good care of the products.



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