Custom Empty Pink Square Lip Glaze Tube Lip Gloss Bottle

We can provide a range of exciting empty lip gloss containers, wands and brushes in different shapes, colors, materials and profiles. Our empty lip gloss packaging containers are manufactured from high-quality materials including AS, ABS, PETG, and PCTG. Each item is designed to work with makeup for the beauty & cosmetics industry. The lip gloss packaging containers we manufacture and supply are guaranteed to have an excellent quality finish and be competitively priced. Our team, pride themselves with an ‘on-time’ delivery schedule to meet your product deadlines. Customers can further customize all details according to their own requirements on brand building.


EMPTY LIP GLOSS TUBE WITH PLUG LID BRASH BOTTLE KIT: Is the perfect solution for applying castor oil, make up, or other products to your lips. package includes 10 pack empty lip gloss tube with brush, 10 pack rubber inserts and 4 pack funnels, enough for your spare or replacement.
REFILLABLE LIP GLOSS TUBE EASY TO USE: The kit is perfect for beginners practicing, daily use or makeup artist remodeling. Use these bottles to store your castor oil and make your own lip gloss tube or bottle, which can be easily wiped off through the lip at the top of the bottle.
TRAVEL LIP GLOSS CONTAINER GOOD FOR CARRYING: The lids on these tubes are tightly sealed to keep the air out and retain beneficial compounds in the oil, light weight and leak-free design for business travel and business travel; always put one in your bag.
CLEAR LIP GLOSS BOTTLE WITH  WAND: Clear lip gloss bottle with  wand, capacity is approx. 10 ml; the tube size is in diameter: 1.5cm and 7.5 cm in length.
Lip gloss bottle awesome containers for your days. No waste, the wand extends almost to the very bottom.



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