90ml 3oz matte gold embossed logo aluminum jar with screw cap

1.✔QUALITY DESIGN: Made of Durable Aluminum, 3oz Screw Top Round Steel Tin Cans,Comes with Screw Top Covers.Each container has a round lid and inner liners to create a tight seal that will not leak. Dimensions: 68mm diameter & 42mm depth & 0.3MM thickness
2.✔ELIMINATES RISK OF MELTING OR LEAKING: Shallow containers with press-top cover made of tin plated steel with threaded covers. Once applied to the base of the tin, the lead keeps a secure hold, eliminating the risk of any messy leaking during your many travels. This item is fantastic for carry-on luggage.
3.✔COMPACT SIZE ALLOWS THEM TO GO ANYWHERE:These jars fit seamlessly in your pocket, purse, handbag, pack back, or luggage. They are especially valuable when flying as bottle sizes for carry-on creams and lotions are greatly restricted.
4.✔COSMETICS,COOKING AND MUCH MORE:These jars are perfect for storing mineralized makeup, eye shadows, lotions, lip balms, toners, creams, ointments, acrylic powder, and other beauty aids. They are also suited to hold samples of loose leaf teas, spices, cooking oils, herbs, medication, paints, small jewelry, and much more.
5.✔☆Great to decorate and use as party favors, gift giving, store spices, candies inside



Capacity: 90ml/3oz dia68mm*h42mm
The design of the cans have no sharp edges, all edges are rounded and are seamlessly formed,you won’t get scratched by it.
The screw-top lids make sure you tighten the lid easily and will not let the content leak out.also,the gasket inside the lid also had a certain effect.
The material of high quality aluminum,durable,lightweight and do not take many positionin your handbag,you can take it to traveling,bussiness trip and camping and so on.
The multipurpose cans can used to storing candles as party favor,furthermore,it is an ideal gift,to storing something such as handmade hand cream or others to your friends.
Can be Used to store a wide variety of items like lip balms, cosmetics, sample pots, lip gloss and other art supplies.



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