100ml Round Aluminum Cans Tin Screw Top Metal Lid Containers

A 100ml Aluminium Jar – very lightweight and durable. The containers are EPA (Epoxy Phenolic*) coated with this special resin on the inside so the Aluminium will not come in direct contact with your product and therefore there is no chance of reaction or oxidisation with your product.Naturally thinking aluminium containers are totally reusable and recyclable and can be recycled with standard recycling facilities. The EP lined aluminium makes the aluminium jar suitable for most product types including water based, oil based and solvent based products. This Aluminium Jar is supplied complete with an aluminium lid, specifically made for this jar to ensure an airtight seal. Aluminium is fully recyclable with a low heat input. The low weight makes Aluminium ideal for transportation. Aluminium does not leach if placed in landfill.


Package: Includes 24 pieces of screw top round tins. Bulk pack meets your multipurpose uses.
Specifications: Measures 83mm in diameter, 28mm in height, Capacity: 3.5 ounce (100 ml)
Recyclable Material: Made of high quality aluminium, lightweight but durable, easy to carry. Seamlessly formed with round edge design, easy and safe to open and close
Screw Thread Lid: Tight sealed screw twist lid eliminates risk of leaking or melting and protects your products from light exposure and high temperature
Multi-function Tin Cans: Great containers for handmade lotions, lip balms, lip gloss, creams, cosmetics, salve. Do well in storing candies, pills, beads, screws, buttons, coins, herbs, candles, small gifts, home and office supplies



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