Oval Empty Plastic Lip Balm Lipstick Tube Deodorant Container

Natural oval lip balm containers with natural caps feature a ribbed turning wheel at the base of the tubes allowing for products to be neatly dispensed. The sleek design of the oval lip balm containers makes them perfect for carrying in purses, pockets, and travel kits. Choose these natural oval lip balm containers for products that could include lip balm, solid sunscreens, cosmetics, solid perfume, and more. These lip balm tubes are compatible with the oval lip balm filling tray.
1. Cosmetic container
2. Polypropylene (PP) strong plastic
3. Tube and cap included
4. Lip balm available in white or natural color
5. Use for lip balm and more!


Empty lip balm tubes, Capacity: 5g; Size: the empty lip balm bottle is 2.63 inches(total height); The diameter is 0.78 inches*0.51 inches, and the inner cup is 0.65 inches*0.37 inches.
These DIY lip gloss tubes are made of high-quality plastic,durable and odorless,convenient and easy to operate.There is a rotating wheel at the bottom that can be adjusted up and down;the top cover provides a safe seal and prevents leakage.
Oval lip bottle is suitable for filling lipsticks,lip balm,crayons,lotions,deodorants,solid perfumes and other cosmetic crafts.
These plastic oval bottle cases are very suitable as homemade gifts,as business solid perfumes,DIY homemade deodorant and are also the best choice to carry when traveling.
Empty blue lip balm containers with caps,lightweight,essential for daily life.Make your own holiday gifts for family or friends,they will be very happy to receive your kindness.



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