Empty Small Tinplate Metal Tin Jars Round Containers for Candle

size: dia3.8 inches /80mm* h2.1 inches/54mm, light and convenient, Mini round can, can store small objects, earrings, etc., can put candy jewelry inside as a gift, close People who come to the gift will definitely like it.

Multi-function round can: This beautiful small candle box can be used to store many things, ideal for DIY candles, biscuits, candy, coins, rings and small items. It can also be used as a perfect gift for your family or friends with lip balm, grass cream, comfrey cream and solid aromatherapy storage containers.
High-quality materials: This candle jar is made of tinplate metal. It is very durable and durable. The surface is smooth and environmentally friendly. It is easy to clean. It can be reused many times without easy deformation. The chic print pattern will not fade. Will not be squeezed.








candle tins are well made and all came in great condition, no dents and can be recycled or re-used making. Besides, every tin comes with a lid which fit perfectly and smoothly, worked out perfect!

SIZE: dia3.8 inches /80mm* h2.1 inches/54mm ; Material: tinplate  MOQ:30000

Candle making kits bulk pack meets your multipurpose uses for candle making, DIY crafts, slime containers, & more. Also ideal for organizing small items like pills, beads, screws, candies, buttons, coins, cosmetics, lip balms, creams, etc.



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