Customizable Brushed Gold Aluminum Screw Cap with Foam Liner

Gold aluminum metal screw cap with customizable liner options including PE foam, foam seal, pulp & aluminum, heat seal, aluminum foil, pressure sensitive seal, pulp & poly, and plastisol. These caps are made in China to order, please allow 1 – 2 weeks lead time for manufacture and regular liner installation. For orders with 5 cartons or more, please contact us for updated production time prior to placing an order. There are many factors that must be considered when selecting a liner for your product. We have put together some general guidelines and common use below. Please note that these are general guidelines and they are not meant for specific recommendations.


Made in PRC
Aluminum material gives high-end look and lightweight design
Tumble pack 7,250 pieces per box
Custom made to order item with short lead time
Compatible with glass and plastic bottles with 24mm opening
Thread and knurled edge side finish for easy grip and turn operation
Choose from a wide variety of liner options for your product applications



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