All You Need to Package Your Bath Salts and Body Scrubs to Grow Your Business

Bath Salt and Body Scrub Packaging: Aluminum Jars

Yingmei Package offers airtight bath salt and body scrub packaging to store, display, and ship your personal care products. Ingredients stay fresher longer in stylish and functional bath salts and body scrubs aluminum jars.

Unique bath salt and body scrub packaging is essential to establish and distinguish your brand in the marketplace. Our aluminum jars are the perfect choice. Designed to be convenient, easy to use, and travel well, the screw top lid aluminum jar also offers efficiency and performance. Aluminum storage jar are an excellent choice as they give your brand shelf appeal. In addition, the airtight seal dramatically increases the product shelf-life. The laminated interior and the heat-sealable characteristics ensure that your products are free from outside odors, damaging oxygen, and unwanted moisture.

Extend the shelf life of your products— discover the benefits of resealable and reusable aluminum metal jars.

Aluminum Jars

Eco-friendly Packaging

As a whole, aluminum jar requires 75% less material to produce the finished product than bottles, box, and other hard, inflexible, rigid packaging.

Resealable and Reusable

Aluminum tin jars are reusable and resealable for multiple uses — keeping the contents fresh and free from odors, moisture, and oxygen in an airtight environment.

Aluminum Jars


Aluminum storage jar provide a tamper-evident finish that customers have come to expect. Heat sealing extends product shelf life, maintains freshness, and ensures food safety.

Cost Savings

Aluminum storage jars provide an all-in-one package solution; no caps, lids, or inserts are required. Flexible packaging typically costs three to six times less per unit than rigid packaging.

Aluminum Jars

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